Monday, January 28, 2008

Better late than never!

Hello, everyone! Not having internet at home has really limited my online usage; i've missed my friends on here! It's not all bad, though - i have more time for other things in my life that require my attention, so it's good to set this aside sometimes. Anyway, i've worked on a few new things, some papercrafts, some polymer clay, as well as learning to make the best Thai food i can (YUM!), but until i finish some projects and get more pics, i thought i'd share some Christmas cards i made and sent this past December. Not timely, i know, but oh well...

i don't have the time today to list all the ingredients for these cards, so if there's something you'd like to know, just ask! i'll try to make it a habit to post every Monday with something new, so check back in then.

Hope everyone's well and is having a wonderful day!


  1. YUM, your Thai food comment made my mouth water! I love creating new Thai/Vietnam dishes using vegetarian ingredients, my best so far has been A vietnamese soup called Pho...sigh. So good. And of course Pad Thai, which is super easy to make but harder to do without the fish sauce if you are a vegetarian!

    Beautiful cards, Jessica. I even have one of them! YAY!
    Love that tree image in the second one. AWESOME!

  2. Oh wow -- I love all of these!!!

  3. they are really lovely. good job :)