Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vacation photos...

We arrived home from Myrtle Beach on Thursday afternoon, which was a couple of days ahead of schedule. We came home early mostly because, as much as we love to camp, we were getting burnt on sleeping in a tent and dealing with frequent thunderstorms. We had a wonderful 8 days there, though, and i think it was a great experience for Z. He's been to the ocean many times, but most of that was during our time living in Northern California, and the water is too cold there to allow much swimming. He took to the water like a fish and even got over his shyness, walking up to every child he met and making friends right away.

i'm not a fan of all the tourist-type stuff that goes on at MB, but i enjoy the state park and was happy for a long-overdue getaway. Here's a few photos from our time there:

Sunrise on the pier.

A beached jellyfish, Myrtle Beach State Park.
While there, we discovered Huntington Beach State Park which contains Atalaya Castle, the former winter home of philanthropist Archer Huntington and his wife Anna Hyatt Huntington, a famous sculptor. The home has not been occupied by a family since 1951, and there's no furniture inside, only a few fixtures like a sink and bathtub. It's a stunning place and wonderful for taking pictures.

Z., looking through a window at Atalaya Castle.


We had several little adventures during our stay, like visiting Ripley's Aquarium, seeing an alligator cross the road in front of our vehicle along the causeway at Huntington Beach State Park and meeting many interesting people. Z. had a fantastic time, that's for sure. i may post some more photos in the coming days.

Hope you're all well! Have a great day!


  1. What BEAUTIFUL pics! We're going to MB this weekend. You need to get a camper! It's MUCH nicer to weather the t-storms in! LOL That's how we go.... Contact me sometime!

  2. Such beautiful photos! I can just imagine a romantic wedding taking place at the castle.

    Thanks for the comment on my fireworks photos. If you love my macro shots, you should see my Aunt Martha's blog. Her macros are like entering the world of pixies! It's called Faith, Works and Crafts; listed on my blog lurking list.