Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i need your help!

Have a look at the collage below and tell me, should i add more or leave it as is? i just don't feel right with it in its current state, but i'm not sure if i should add something.

Thanks for looking! Any feedback appreciated!


  1. hey, mamacita -- hope you had a great mother's day! :) I'd add more. I like collages to be overly busy and with a subject matter like 'home,' you've got lots of room to run! love what you've done thus far. hope to see you soon!

  2. How big is it Jessica?
    I really like it. So many layers and things to catch your eye. I think a frame around it would suffice for me. Even a drawn one. I'm feeling like the elements need to "pull together" and a drawn line frame or twine glued around the edges or even a real wooden frame would help the concept meld for me.
    But I do really like it and am impressed.

  3. Jess... I love love LOVE this! I'm with Dana. I think some kind of simple framing would pull it all together. I think where you feel "unfinished" with it is that the white just kind of wanders away into nothing. So, a frame would indeed give it the substance you're looking for.

    That being said... I want it! :-D So cool.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, guys! i think i'll start by adding a frame - that might just be what it needs.
    Dana - it's 6"x6", i'm pretty sure. It's at home and i'm not, but it's roughly that size.

  5. Oh this is lovely! I just love the house and the windows! I really like it as it is, but perhaps you could add something to the top left corner as it looks a bit bottom/right heavy. What about a little bird? :)

  6. i add birds to everything, would hate to be redundant! Thanks for the feedback, Katie.