Friday, March 25, 2011


That's the state i've been in all day, awe. i should be in bed right now, and instead i find myself wanting to share a little of my personal life here, on this blog i mostly keep to art-related topics. i am a private, rather solitary person, always have been, and though i'm more than open with my close friends, i also tend to go within sometimes.

So, awe. Some friends of mine, wonderful, thoughtful and giving people that they are, got together and did an amazing thing for me. i've never met any of them in person; we speak strictly online or on the phone, and most of them i only met a few months ago. There's no need to go into details, but without my knowledge, they all joined forces to give me a very precious gift. Actually, they gave me two very precious gifts. Aside from physical gain, they also shook up my world, in a good way. i feel...overwhelmed by their kindness and their generosity, but mostly, and this is the thing that makes me burst into tears just to think of it, they found me to be worthy of such kindness. i am still, hours later, in humbled disbelief. This will stay with me for a long, long time to come. It is a deep reminder, amidst all the negativity thrown at us everyday, that people can amaze you, that life can amaze you, that at any moment, someone can offer you something without seeking anything in return, just so that you can have an easier go of it. i am more than grateful, especially for having even met them in the first place. 

(Thank you, guys. i love you.) 


  1. But, my dear... you are so very worthy! Love you tons!!!

  2. Ditto what Barb said, Jessica. You are indeed a most worthy person. ESPECIALLY for kindness and the help of good friends.