Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why not Halloween?

Those who know me know that my love to create means I'm always working on some kind of project, and usually several at once. I've found that I feel most inspired and creative during the colder months of the year. Autumn and winter suit me just fine; I'd take cold over hot any day.

Considering this, it's odd that I almost never create anything with a Halloween theme. I enjoy makings things for other holidays, so why not Halloween? This year, a dear online friend mentioned that she loved Halloween and the ensuing crafty endeavours, and for some reason, it sparked something in me to make some Halloween-inspired items. Looking back, I realize it had me thinking outside the box, and getting out of my comfort zone. So I had some fun with traditional Halloween colors and images. These little creations helped me break through the wall that is artist's block, and got me back on track, artistically-speaking.

 Witchy Woman ATC

Witchy Woman ATC #2

These artist trading cards may not be masterpieces or artwork on a grand scale, but they're fun to make and trade, and there's not much I let get in the way of my fun.


  1. These are so freaky and cool Jessica! I really like the mix of B&W with color here, it adds a spookiness that totally drew me in. (Perhaps because the film The Wizard of Oz has always terrified me?)
    Although I love spiders IRL, the raven one is calling my name with it's warm orangey colors.
    Can I trade you one of my ATCs for one of these?

  2. Thanks, Dana! I liked the B&W, too. I originally tried coloring their clothing, but it just didn't look right to me. And I'd love to trade with you! Luckily, I made extras of these for trading.