Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I return with mail art goodness!

Wow, it has been well over a year since I have posted here. So much can happen in a year, and as with most of us, life has been hectic and busy, which makes it very difficult to find the time for blogging. I am, however, still creating (as I have been for most of my life), and the desire to share my creations and network with other artists brings me back here yet again.

As per my usual, I'm all over the map as far as mediums, but my main love has always been paper, paint, and ink. In that vein, I find myself regularly making a lot of handmade postcards; mail art is near and dear to my heart. So, I'm jumping back into the blogosphere to share a bit of that. For those interested, I'm sharing a bit about techniques and/or supplies, too. 

The above postcard was made from calendars for a calendar recycling/reusing swap. I added a bit of rubber stamping, because everything's better with a stamp!

This guy makes me smile. Made for a green collaged postcard swap. The robot image is from a vintage children's book. I added sequin waste, embossed circles punched from metal tape, scrapbook paper, and rubber stamping.

I have a dear friend in England who loves puffins as much as I do. This was made just for her. The puffin image is from a National Geographic magazine. I placed textured items underneath (stencil, rubber stamp, ceramic tile), and then rubbed over the surface of the paper with Nevr-Dull. Love that technique! And I know you're shocked, but rubber stamps were used here, too. 

Made for a Year of the Snake swap. Nevr-Dull again makes an appearance, and stamps, and ink, and stencils, and paint, and...

Made for a swap where we could only use trash *ahem* (read: ephemera!) to create our postcard.  

Oh rubber stamps, how I love thee, even after all these years. Color was added with Inktense pencils. 

"Thrust you can trust". Ha! National Geographic image, Nevr-Dull, fish from old library book, Gelli-printed papers. 

Made for a very recent swap that I'm hosting; rubber stamped and inked and such.

Another swap, this time one using the Gelli Arts printing plate and bubble wrap. 

I offer my thanks to those of you who decide to stop by and visit my little, neglected piece of the web (bad blogger that I am...). It means a lot to me.

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