Saturday, October 20, 2007

You Make Me Smile...

My buddy Heidi nominated me for a You Make Me Smile Award! Thanks so much, Heidi! You make me smile, too! :) i am supposed to nominate others that make me smile. There's so many who deserve it, but today i'm nominating 3 (several i wanted to nominate have already been nominated by others!).

The first blogger who makes me smile is Roberta. i recently discovered her blog while searching for others interested in polymer clay. She has some amazing polymer creations, and she uses her handmade beads to make some truly beautiful jewelry. Go check out her blog and you can see for yourself!
Another talented lady who makes me smile is Julee of Verve Visual fame. i'm sure most or all of you visit her blog already, but for anyone who doesn't, you won't be disappointed when you go! Her handmade cards are beautiful, and her Mojo Monday challenge is great fun. It's no wonder her new stamps are so popular - she's got boatloads of talent!
And finally, a blogger who is already famous in the crafting world, Kristina. i doubt she reads my own blog, but i sure visit hers a lot! Her style is simple, eye-catching and memorable. If you check out any of the paper-crafting magazines, you've probably seen her designs before. Go to her blog for some serious inspiration!
And anyone who's blog or site i've linked to on my own blog - all of you make me smile!

Have a great weekend everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Ohhhh Jessica, thanks soooooooo much! I'm really flatered that you picked me and that I make you smile! Your blog surely makes me smile as well!

    I'm sorry it took some time to notice your post, but I had rather busy week. I will pass on this reward in a post on my blog, hopefully during the weekend.

    Thanks so much again! And if you see anything on my blog you would like to have, we can swap - my jewelry or beads for your lovely cards! :))

    Be well!