Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kenilworth Castle collage

i love so many different types of arts and crafts, but probably my favorite format is mixed media. i love the layers, texture and depth i can achieve in this realm. A few months ago i played around with the following, a mixed media piece on watercolor paper. i used acrylics, matte medium, extra heavy gel medium, watercolor pencils, ink, photocopy transfers, stamps, crackle glaze...and more. i didn't have a strict idea in mind when i began, just wanted to play and see what came of it.

Have an artful day!


  1. SHUT UP! No really, shut up. Man, this is awesome!

  2. What a beautiful collage! Well-done!

    darzy30 - swapbot

  3. This is really gorgeous Jessica. I lov ethe richness of the colors and I can see the beautiful texture on the surface too.

  4. Thank you so much, Seth. i'm really proud of this one.