Monday, May 2, 2011

New look...

i have been meaning to do a bit of remodeling here for a very long time. i'd say it was way overdue. i had a basic idea of what i wanted my blog to look like, but getting there was a bit of a struggle. As i write this, i have just finished tweaking the last bits, and the changes you see took me hours to accomplish. But, with the help of Gimp and my very patient better half, i managed to come up with something i'm pretty happy with. i may change the background and header to match the seasons, or just on a whim, and i think i could improve on this, but it's a good start, and certainly better than the previous (bland) layout.

And now, i'm off for some well deserved sleep.


  1. I like the new look. Colorful, yet tasteful. Nicely done. :-)

  2. Thank you both! i stumbled my way through creating this change, but overall, i'm happy with it. And i learned a few things to apply to future changes.