Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rockin' Girl Bloggers

i was nominated for the title Rockin' Girl Blogger by my friend Dana over at Kismet, Art, Life. Thanks, Dana! Apparently, i'm to add the graphic for this great nomination as well as nominate 5 other bloggers. The latter i can do, the former, not so much. For a very long time now i've had issues saving any picture or graphic from the internet to my own files. They never save as the correct file type and i have so far been unable to convert them. i've told this problem to many people and so far no one has an answer. :(
Anyway, here are my 5 picks. Some or all of these may have already been nominated, but hey, i've always been a rule breaker. ;)

Dana - She nominated me, and i'm probably not supposed to nominate her back, but like i said, rules shmules. She is a wife, mother of two, and all-around busy mom. She makes AMAZING art and is also a foodie like me. If i need inspiration, i know i can always find it here.
Penelope Dullaghan - Her art and graphic design work are fabulous. She's also one of the great minds behind Illustration Friday.
Heather Nichols - She makes all kinds of wonderful art, including reworking used items, something that is close to my heart. You can find a link at her blog for her Etsy shop, Ink and Nickel, where she sells some awesome stuff!
Ali Edwards - There's a lot of great art as well as photos here. A very creative lady and a neat blog.
Michelle Lamar - Definitely check out this blog! It's called White Trash Mom and is sure to bring a smile to your face. i love her style. i actually found this one while playing around on google one day.


  1. Congratulations Rockin' Blogger!! WTG!!!

    Sorry I haven't been able to check in lately--I'm trying to get caught up on all of your posts--can you tell--LOL!!

    I always love seeing your design work!!

  2. You're not supposed to nominate me back! Thoughful, silly girl that you are.

    Thanks though. *blush*