Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wild and Wonderful, Part 2

These photos are from 2003.

i love West Virginia in Autumn.

Foggy sunrise.

This is one of my favorite photos of my dad. This was taken during one of our hikes.

Thanks for stopping by! i hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Oh Jess. I'm breathless at these beautiful and inspiring photos. You should submit them to some sort of contest or something.

    I've never seen more incredible pics of WV!

  2. I agree with Dana. The Foggy Sunrise BEGS to be entered into a contest. A wide black frame with a blue-gray matte to draw your eye into the picture...magic. For a powerful effect 11x14 photo size, at least.

    You have an amazing eye.

  3. OMG Jess I totally agree!! You have to enter these in a photo contest!!! They are beautiful!! Here is a link to an online photo contest.
    A few years back I entered a photo that I took of Evan when he was about 9 mo old. I didn't win any money but it was chosen to be published in a photography book. Here is the link to the picture--
    if you click on where it says Passport to Innocence it should take you to a larger photo. Good Luck to you!!

  4. well it looks like it cut off part of the link :( If you want to see the picture you can also type in Heidi Blankenship and do a search and it should come up.