Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just the facts, ma'am.

i had intended J to be about journals, but i've written about journaling several times, and don't really see the point in repeating myself (though i am very good at it) or boring my readers to tears, so instead, J is for me, Jessica. How about a few random facts about yours truly?

1. i had the great fortune to be able to travel a lot in my teens and early 20's, thanks to my dad's job at United Airlines. By 16 years old, i'd been to nearly every state, including Alaska and Hawaii, and made trips to England and New Zealand. These early-in-life travels helped shape me to be the person i am today, and gave me a perspective i might not have had otherwise.

2. i have driven across the country 4 times, and hope there's another such road trip in my future.

3. i'm a cancer survivor.

4. i graduated from high school, but opted not to attend my graduation. Instead, i asked to work that day, which my employers loved, because much of their help was attending graduation. i kind of regret that decision now...

5. i gave birth to my son without the benefit of any pain medication. i don't recommend it.

6. i met my mate when i was 15 through a pen pal ad in a music magazine. We started as friends, but eventually became involved, and are still going strong today, 18 years later.

7. i love history, and for many years planned to become an archeologist. In high school, i'd go to history class early just so i could talk about the subject with the teacher.

8. My mom chose my name before she even knew she was having a girl - the same happened with my two brothers, and she was right about the sex every time.

9. i have a secret (not a secret now) desire to be a singer, though my abilities aren't proficient in that area. It doesn't stop me from singing all the time, though.

10. i don't know how to swim.

Well, not an exciting post today, but hopefully it gives my readers a little background into me as a person. And now, the studio calls...

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