Saturday, April 16, 2011

This is necessary.

Some things are just necessary. Take my glasses - very important. Without them, my whole world shuts down. Tonight (Friday, as i write this), my 6 or 7 year old frames broke while i was cleaning them. In half. Right between the eyes. My guess is, after so many years, they have become brittle and weakened.

This is when i discovered that the super glue i finally found after searching for 45 minutes (couldn't see, remember) was not so "super". In fact, i'd liken it more to"crazy" glue, as it's in line with the quote about the definition of insanity being doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results. i tried at least 5 times to make the two pieces adhere, and no go. i then deemed the glue to be a word i won't repeat here and moved on to tape. This did not prove as easy a task as it would at first appear. Apparently, this job is easier if you can see, or if you have at least 3 hands, maybe 4.

And yes, at some point in my frustration, i realized the comical aspect of this entire scenario, but i was pissed, so i didn't laugh. i told myself i could laugh it up when i could see again.

See how necessary? Forget everything else i couldn't do without my glasses, like drive, walk down the street, cook...well, i might be able to cook, but i don't want to set the house on fire, either. But forget all that. Without my glasses, i couldn't even laugh. Of course, i should be blaming the frustration for that, i guess.

Where was i? (This is why people probably hate it when i call. i can't just tell you a brief summary. I want to give every detail, for the full effect.) Yes, necessary. i depend on my glasses every day. The very first thing i do every morning is put them on. They are essential to every part of my life, always there, but kind of in the background. You take them for granted until, like tonight, you lose the use of them. Now what? It's like someone turned the power off. i can see, but it's all fuzzy shapes with no distinction. i can see well enough to move about my house, but not well enough to do much otherwise.

This made me think of other aspects of my life that are necessary but maybe sometimes taken for granted. Obviously food, water, air, shelter. Aside from that, though. What else, having taken it away, would make my world shut down, in an instant like that? The answer is my family, and that includes some dear friends, not just blood. First and foremost would be my son. Take my son out of the picture, and my world would come to a crashing halt.

i try to tell the loved ones in my life how i feel about them as often as i can, but maybe it wouldn't hurt to tell them even more. There are other necessities in my life, but none, that i can see, as important as them. They give me strength, bring me joy, make me laugh, lend a helping hand, give me guidance and advice, and so, so much more. To be content, it is necessary to have them in my life, and the love and true friendship they give.

Oh, and by the way, my glasses are semi-repaired. Presently, they are taped but crooked, so everything looks like it's coming at me; my depth perception is all off. Being unable to drive means i can't attempt a crusade for truly super glue, awesome glue or even super-fantabulous-and-amazing-best-ever-fucking-buy-it-now glue, so i'll have to wait until my better half comes home from work and can assist. When he does, i'll be sure to hug him tight and tell him how much i love him, for he is very, very necessary.

These photos were taken during my walk about my yard this (Friday) morning, prior to my glasses breaking.


  1. You, my dear, wonderful friend are so very necessary to me, to my happiness. I love you more than I can neccessarily say. ;-)

    I'm so sorry about the broken glasses, what a tremendous pain in the patootie (I know this first-hand)! I barely, barely, hardly at all laughed at your attempt to fix 'em description (kind of like you laughing at my sciatica "mantra"...).

    But... fiddle ferns... YAY!

    And, I love how this A-Z thing seems to be opening up your inner writing tigress.


  2. Perfect definition of necessary. We do have a tendency to take things for granted, until we lose them. I really like your photos.
    Glad to met you through the A to Z challenge.

    Pamela Jo

  3. And, of course, we can't forget the 'necessary' in the back yard; eh, wot! Glad you got the glasses 'fixed,' but I think you'll need a new pair. Just because you deserve them. 8-)

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